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Thread: Reliable Backup and Recovery Methodlogy

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    We had a bad situation where our Veritas Netbackup failed due to media failure on a restore eventhough the backup status was good. Obviously there is no 100% reliability on tape media as one backup media. I am wondering of what other methodlogies or technologies can be used to ensure 100% reliability on backup and restore. I am implying that we have to also use more than one media such as disk or another tape drive to copy backups. Any advise?

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    If you can afford, do a regular Full/incremental db using export. This would help you to an extent. The storage option is let to you.


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    Kinda depends on what your backup parameters are. Are you doing backup for recoverability or for archival purposes?

    If you are just looking for recoverability, you could backup to disk, but the limited supply of disk makes it difficult to store backups for any length of time.

    If you have a high degree of errors with your tape device and media, maybe it is time for a new tape format? I think some of the newer high-end tape libraries have RAID like stiping and error correction across multiple tape drives. (If not, I could become rich off that idea...)

    I once worked in a shop where archival of the data was so important that we backed up the database twice a day; once to media server#1 with it's own set of DLT drives and once a day to media server#2 with it's own set of DLT drives.
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