Apparently this customisation did work :
The custom html help files were created using ROBOhelp a microsoft product.
These files were placed in the $OA_DOC/us/apcust directory. The user has told
me that when she pressed the 'Windows Help' buttonwhile in, lets say the
Invoice Entry form, the custom Invoice Entry help html popped up and not the
standard help. Fair enough says I, sounds like something you might like to do.
The person who did this originally is no longer at the company and surprise,
surprise they didn't document how this was done.
My question to you is how do you attach specific custom help html files to
specific forms ? I can see how you can go through the standard help to get to
the custom help pages, but I can't see how it is set up to bring up the
required custom help page depending on what form you happen to be in.
Thanks for any help provided.