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Thread: how to synchronize development and production

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    Suppose you have two database PrdDB and DevDB. If you make database change on DevDB, for example, add new columns, change column width......, how do you promote these change to PrdDB in a systematic way.

    Usually, I will do an export from DevDB and import into the target DB. However, PrdDB has real data so you cannot do this kind of import.

    So, what I did before is to keep all scripts that I executeed on DevDB and implemeted the same script on PrdDB.

    Question: is there any kind of tools or scripts that can compare two instance and create the script that can synchronize them?

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    ERwin can, and probably some of the other tools in that vein as well, I would wager.

    ER Studio, Visio, Power Designer, et al.

    - Chris

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    How we did

    Hi, 5th May 2001 20:17 hrs chennai

    I am very much eager to know on this issue.

    Since when we worked in Major Banking projects we used did code promotion from dev to prod then and there plus, for new versions from Dev to Prod it was a big process called Librarian activities code check in and code chack out etc.
    all the diff columns was found out manually and promoted the codes.

    I think even though the process was excellent the new columns diff was not found with any tools as you say so can
    chisrlong and Kmesser tell the websites where this tools informations are available.



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