Well pals, here something that I was surprised to know about oracle reports...!
Okay the problem is that when I design the report in Portrait mode and tries to print in Landscape it give the print out only in the portrait mode..!!! And even if the report is in landscape mode the print out comes in portrait mode only!!! I tried every thing from page setup of runtime to windows printer panel, even I tried to make the printing in landscape mode from the printer in default setup!!

1)How can I set the page size in report builder? And the body size..?
2)What is the default orientation for printing in builder and how can I change itů? i.e. if I want to print the portrait report in landscape which option should be enabled or what can I do to make the printing in landscape and portrait both modes enabled! is should be user definable.Report will be designed in portrait mode but it can be printed in both modes! or vise versa!

3)What is page size for building reports on an A4 paper? Portrait and landscape both?
Hope to hear the solution soon!
Take care,