XML parser for PL/SQL in database
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Thread: XML parser for PL/SQL in database

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    Anyone can give what are the Risks and security issues involved while downloading and installing XML parser for PL/SQL on database....Our data are confidential....
    Need reply fast please...
    Thanks in advance.

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    There aren't any know security bugs so for on this. People hasn't started to hack this a lot

    For security issues, check the metalink or the oracle's technet's security on the RHS pannel.


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    xml parser....

    Thanks Sam.
    I could not find any thing in metalink as security issues for XML parser..
    Even I have opened TAR too..
    Support it self not sure of it...
    When I was searching for this under security/risks etc...I got some stuff ...which
    says under assumtion headings...

    I. Assumptions

    The following assumptions exist for this article:

    A. The XML Parser for PL/SQL was downloaded from the following URL:


    The files were unzipped and moved to C:\XML.

    B. Oracle 8.1.5 is installed in C:\ORA815\BIN.

    C. The alias V815 exists in C:\ORA815\Network\Admin\tnsnames.ora.

    D. You have reviewed the following articles:

    E. You considered potential security risks before executing any scripts
    in this article.

    F. You are familiar with SQL, PL/SQL, and the use of SQL*Plus.

    G. You have a tablespace named USERS and a temporary tablespace
    named TEMP.

    CAn You please explain what the point E trying to say.....
    When I asked oracle they said like below.....
    Hi Thanigai,

    In my opinion, that means if you don't really know what those scripts are going to do you will have the risks that might mess your database up.

    Please advice me.

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