Hi Ravisanapala, 26th April 2001 20:16 hrs chennai

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solution is as follows

Using Connection Pooling you can succesfully serve hundread of users as in your case by using MTS.

The connection pooling logically disconnectes the idle connection of user to server other users.

For more information of the advantage of using connection pooling from oracle Dcos as follows.

Connection pooling is a resource utilization feature that allows you to maximize the number of physical network connections to a multi-threaded server. This is achieved by sharing or pooling a dispatcher's set of connections among multiple client processes.

By using a time-out mechanism to temporarily release transport connections that have been idle for a specified period of time, connection pooling makes these physical connections available for incoming clients, while still maintaining a logical session with the previous idle connection. When the idle client has more work to do, the physical connection is reestablished with the dispatcher.

This feature only works when multi-threaded server is configured.

Oracle Connection Manager enables you to take advantage of Net8's ability to multiplex or funnel multiple client network sessions through a single transport protocol connection to a multi-threaded server destination. Concentration reduces the demand on resources needed to maintain multiple connections between two processes by enabling the server to use fewer connection end points for incoming requests. This enables you to increase the total number of network sessions that a server can handle. By using multiple Connection Managers, it is possible for thousands of concurrent users to connect to a server.