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    I have an Oracle database which I have to dumb to an ASCII file of a defined format. For that I need to read the whole database, including table names, column names and descriptions, format the data and write the file.

    So, how do I :
    - Find out all the table names
    - Find out column names in a certain table

    I'm programming this with Delphi and I think I'll be able to do rest of the data processing, I just need to extract all the data. Is it possible to do all this using a database user or do I have to log on as system user?

    I got the table names and column names queries working in SQL*Plus, but now I need to do this with a database user and from an external program.

    Thanks for the help!

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    to find out all the tables in the databse you will have to have select priveleiges on the following views

    dba_tables for all tables
    dba_tab_columns for all columns


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    Hmm, I tried to query those tables, but Oracle responded with a null string. Apparently I don't have the select privileges. How do I get them?

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    System Privledge

    Sys has to grant your user select on those tables. Make sure they are granted directly to a user and not a role because when you are using procedures or functions the role privledges won't work.

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