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    hi greetings
    Can some body answer for the following questions.Little help also much appreciated.

    The____ is a unique locator for certain types of persistent objects.

    A: object identifier
    B: name identifier
    C: name identifier
    D: data identifier

    Object types are created as ____ dictionary objects.

    A: data
    B: object
    C: user
    D: db

    You can refer to the attributes within an object using ____ notation.

    A: comma
    B: semicolon
    C: name
    D: dot

    Oracle 8i provides a ____ interface to the event-based tracing available with earlier versions.

    A: java
    B: pl/sql
    C: VB user interface
    D: C++ interface

    The ____ returns the number of elements currently in a collection, as an integer.

    A: count(n)
    B: count
    C: number
    D: none of the above

    The ____ object is stored in the database, and is available until explicitly deleted.

    A: sessient
    B: persistent
    C: clear
    D: db

    A ____ object is stored as a database column, like the scalar types.

    A: column
    B: True
    C: row
    D: colorful

    In Oracle 8i, if there is an error processing one of the rows in a bulk DML statement, ____ row(s) is rolled back.

    A: 1
    B: 3
    C: 2
    D: 4

    ____ means to manipulate many variables at once, as one unit.

    A: Routine
    B: Collector
    C: Rollback routine
    D: Collections

    You may use a ____ declaration to create a type before you know the attributes and/or methods that it will contain.

    A: passing type
    B: rewind type
    C: reverse type
    D: forward type

    Large objects in Oracle may store up to ____ of binary data.

    A: 2GB
    B: 4GB
    C: 3GB
    D: 1GB

    A packaged function is only as pure as the initialization section of the ____ package.

    A: calling
    B: containing
    C: named
    D: newer

    Inside the package body, objects can be referenced ____ the package name.

    A: without
    B: within
    C: name
    D: outside

    When a stored procedure or function is compiled, all of the Oracle objects that it references are recorded in the ____ dictionary.

    A: data
    B: user
    C: object
    D: layered

    Which of the following is true regarding the following procedure declaration:
    p_ParameterA VARCHAR2,
    p_ParameterB NUMBER,
    p_ParameterC BOOLEAN,
    p_ParameterD DATE) AS
    v_Variable1 VARCHAR2(10);
    v_Variable2 NUMBER(7,6);
    v_Variable3 BOOLEAN;
    v_Variable4 DATE;

    A: p_ParameterA VARCHAR2 is associated with v_Variable1 VARCHAR2
    B: too large for pl/sql file
    C: variable2 is really not a number
    D: variable3 is not boolean

    If the arguments to a procedure in both the specification and bode were changed in the body, then the ____ would have to be modified to match.

    A: body
    B: lower
    C: footer
    D: header

    When a procedure is created a ____ is stored in the data dictionary.

    A: name
    B: signature
    C: order
    D: new name

    Oracle 8 provides the ____ package that can be used to provide random numbers.

    A: dbms_any
    B: plsql_random
    C: random_random
    D: dbms_random

    The maximum length of a pl/sql varchar is ____.

    A: 32,767 bytes
    B: 56,768 bytes
    C: 45,567 bytes
    D: 32,980 bytes

    The dbms_shared_pool.keep procedure does not load the packaged into the shared pool immediately.

    A: True
    B: False

    The runtime state of a package-namely, the packaged variables and cursors-is kept in session memory in the ____.

    A: SGA
    B: UGA
    C: LGA
    D: BGA

    The ____ is the counterpart to send_message, and retrieves a message from a pipe and places it into a local message buffer.

    A: sent message
    B: receive_message
    C: done message
    D: unsent message

    The purity level of ____ for a function indicates that the function does not modify any database tables.

    A: WNPS
    B: RNPS
    C: DNNS
    D: WNDS

    The ____ parameter of a job definition specifies the first time the job will be run after the submit call.

    A: next_date
    B: future date
    C: open_date
    D: after_date

    Jobs may be exported and imported.

    A: True
    B: False

    DDL triggers can check the type and name of the object being modified, and can check the userid or username.

    A: True
    B: False

    Which of the following PL/SQL statements will return the major version of the trace.

    A: dbms_output.put_line(
    'trace major version: ' || v_majorversion);
    B: dbms_output.put_line(
    'trace major version: ' || v_majorversion1);
    C: dbms_output.put_line(
    'trace major version: ' || v_majorversion2);
    D: dbms_output.put_line(
    'trace major version: ' || v_majorversion2);

    Which of the following would prompt for an entry by the user in a PL/SQL block?

    A: select fn, ln
    from students
    where &where_clause
    B: select fn, ln
    from students
    where +where_clause
    C: select fn, ln
    from students
    where -where_clause
    D: select fn, ln
    from students
    where mwhere_clause

    A ____ operation takes its argument and places it into the buffer for storage.

    A: out
    B: put
    C: in
    D: one

    The event attribute function of ____ returns the userid of the user that fired the trigger.

    A: login_user
    B: dictionary_obj3_type
    C: dictionary_instance_type
    D: dictionary_obj_number

    The abbreviation for PL/SQL errors always begins with ____.

    A: PLS
    B: SLP
    C: PSL
    D: LSP

    Which of the following is the proper syntax for declaring a parameter with the 'nocopy' hint?

    A: parameter_name[mode]copy datatype
    B: parameter_name[mode]status datatype
    C: parameter_name[mode]new datatype
    D: parameter_name[mode]nocopy datatype
    Which of the following is a trace that is present in dbms_trace of 8.1.5?

    A: set_plsql_trace
    B: sql_plsql_file
    C: set_plsql_file
    D: set_new_pl_sql_trace

    The ____ layer of the db application controls the work done by the application.

    A: object logic
    B: application logic
    C: user logic
    D: system logic

    The following is the correct usage of the when statement:

    Create or replace trigger checkfile
    before insert or update of current_credits on students
    for each row
    when (new.current_credits > 20)

    A: True
    B: False

    Each line of the internal buffer in SQL PLUS has a limit of ____ characters.

    A: 255
    B: 456
    C: 233
    D: 345

    It is legal to use a PL/SQL table inside a package.

    A: True
    B: False

    A trigger may not issue any ____ control statements.

    A: strict
    B: transactional
    C: sensational
    D: movies

    Exception cannot propagate across remote procedure calls, and therefore a plsql block cannot catch an exception raised by a remote subprogram.

    A: True
    B: False

    The get_version subprogram of dbms_profiler will return the major and minor versions of the profiler package.

    A: True
    B: False

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    Looks like a take-home test to me...

    If so, I would seriously suggest you look elsewhere for answers, or maybe try studying. This forum does not exist to do homework or answer take-home tests.

    - Chris

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