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    Hi ,

    I am trying to setup connection manager in DEV env. I have started the cmctl on one machine. And DB machine is different. While i try to connect from Windows Machine to ORA Instance i get error ORA-12564 connection refused.

    Here is the info you might want to know:

    1. cman.ora
    #CMAN = (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=everest1.beyond.com)(PORT=1630))
    #CMAN_ADMIN = (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST=localhost)(PORT=1650))

    cman_profile = (parameter_list=

    cman_rules = (rule_list=
    (src = delphi.beyond.com)
    (dst = everest.beyond.com)
    (act = accept)
    use_otrace = no

    2. Oracle instance running in MTS mode

    3. Client tnsnames.ora
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = everest1.beyond.com)(PORT = 1630))

    Any idea ? why i am getting this error !

    Thanks for help!!

    - DBKID -

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    [ARTICLE FOUND ON METALINK, think it would resolve your pb]
    PS : if you do not want to read the whole article, just try with tracing=yes in cman.ora

    Problem Description
    Making a sqlplus connection using a connect string through connection manager generates an ora-12564 error.

    Solution Description

    Check the Tnsnames.ora file for parenthesis that are mis-matched or placed in the first column. Corruption of the Tnsnames.ora file may also cause a parsing problem and force a mis-matched parenthesis during a Sqlplus connection.

    Using Connection Manager will force the client connection into sending multiple address blocks listed in address_list section of the Tnsnames.ora file to connection manager.

    Connection manager will evaluate the addresses from the Tnsnames.ora file once they are received. A mis-matched parenthesis can cause two connect_data sections from the tnsnames.ora file to be listed one after each other in the same address block of the TCP send packet.

    This will generate the ora-12564 error. This can be verified by generating a connection manager trace file.

    Using the cman_profile option set tracing to yes to generate the trace file. Once generated you will be able to locate the TCP packet and verify that there are two connect_data sections in the trace file one after the other.


    cman_profile = (parameter_list=
    (TRACING=no) <------------- Set to equal yes

    This is a parsing problem causing the error. Correcting the tnsnames.ora syntax fixes the ora-12564 error. The TCP packets then will contain two seperate address strings each with its own connect_data section.

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    Exclamation Still no luck with Connection Manager

    Hi Pipo,

    I turned on the tracing. But i don't see the duplication of ADDRESS. But still 12564. Then i removed tnsnames.ora on client. Configured again. But no luck !!

    Let me know if u want to see the trace file.

    FYI : Just want to check if there is anything wrong in my configuration.

    DB Instace running on Machine A:1521
    CMCTL running on Machine B:1630
    Client Machine C

    > C has got sqlnet.ora which has USE_CMAN = true & NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH= (TNSNAMES). And tnsnames ora with SOURCE_ROUTE = TRUE and address pointing to machine B:1630

    > Machine B has got cman.ora pointing Source as machine C & Dest machine A and instance as of Machine A

    Let me know if i am wrong somewhere .

    Thanks & regards
    - DBKID -

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