My client has recently upgraded from Oracle to Oracle 8.1.7 and is experiencing some problems that perhaps someone in the group can help me with. We are unable to insert and update SOME of the tables in the database.
The front end is built in VB5 using Oracle Objects 2.0. Some of the tables react fine thru the application but some don't. As far as I can tell, the VB code is the same in all cases. The funny part is that some of the tables that aren't working thru VB can be inserted into using SQL*PLUS (SQL NET).
The error is ORA-01410 Invalid Rowid. I have tried to export the data - truncate the table - and import the data, and I have also tried to re-create the indexes.

Do I need to upgrade Oracle Objects? Why do similar table structures with similar code to perform inserts and updates produce different results?