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    This is what happened...

    I had a hard drive setup with NT 4 Server and Oracle 8.05 server. I also had Backup exec 8.5 installed with support for Oracle. The database I had did NOT have archive log mode on. 11 days went by without doing a warm or cold backup

    I backed up the entire hard drive to tape using backup exec. installed a RAID controller card and an additional hardrive which required the format of both hard drives.

    I then reinstalled nt 4 server and oracle 8.05 server but cannot recover any data because I don't have a warm or cold backup.

    Is there a way that this can be done? or is all lost...
    Chester Ney
    CODY Computer Services
    System DBA

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    Feb 2001
    There is a chance that u can restore ur database but tell me that whether u have created a new database and tried to copy the files from the backup.
    See I have done this procedure.But for me I have to install the same database from one machine to another machine.If the following procedure helps u than it is well and good:=The procedure assumes that the Oracle server version is the same as ur old database version.

    Step 1: Create the necessary directories in ur machine to keep all ur datafiles,logfiles,controlfile as they were before.

    Step 2 : Copy the init.ora file in ur machine.Edit the control_files parameter to reflect the new directory where ur controlfiles will be kept.

    Step 3: Create a service with the same name as the earlier service in Windows NT through the following command
    oradim80 -new SID -intpwd oracle -pfile=

    Step 4: Startup the instance
    svrmgrl> connect internal
    svrmgrl> startup nomount pfile=

    If ur instance starts successfully shutdown the instance and then

    Step 5: Copy all the datafiles,controlfiles and logfiles in their respective directory as they were before.If u want to make any changes in their destination directory mount the database and make the changes.

    Step 6: After everything is done.Startup the database.If ur have previously taken backup is consistent then Oracle will not perform recovery and ur database will be as consistent as before.

    In case of any help further needed please be free to ask to me at rohitsn@altavista.com

    Rohit Nirkhe,Oracle DBA,OCP 8i

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    Have you copied the files when the database is closed. As you are telling, it is not in archive mode. You are supposed to bring down the database before the copy.
    Kishore Kumar

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    The database I am speaking of is not my database but the database of a client. I really only have one shot at this without looking like an idiot.

    I am not sure the database was shutdown before the tape backup of the entire system. I don't think it was.

    Can a senior member of this forum validate the above process? I am willing to try it, but only if I can be sure it will work. If there are any problems that may occur or things that I should be aware of, please post them. I am not all that familiar with backup and recovery.

    Because I didn't actually perform the installation and format of the hard drives, and this server is not my own and 500 miles away, I am not too familiar with the directory structure before the hard drive was formated.

    I have a PC Anywhere connection.
    Chester Ney
    CODY Computer Services
    System DBA

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    Even if you encountered problems because the database was not being shutdown Immediate or Normal , create new control with resert logs option , you will be able to open the database if worked according to rohitsn steps.

    Good luck
    Hisham Nagia
    IT Manager For Development
    Oracle Consultant - OCP

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