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Thread: Oracle 8i(8.1.7)EE Installer dies on Windows 2000 Pro

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm unable to install Oracle 8i (8.1.7) Enterprise Edition on my Windows 2000 Profesional P4, 1.5GHz, 128MB system. The Installer dies when I select the Install/DeInstall option with no error message, it simply disappears. What should I be doing? ANY help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance

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    You might ever install Oracle before on same machine, It might have reference there.. Better to remove all Oracle Files, Registry entries etc then Install.

    Let me know if you ever install Oracle there and Trying to install again.


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    I went through the registry and removed everything referencing oracle and rebooted; still not able to install.

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    I think the space is the issue. 1.5GB is not enough for an 8i EE. Try doing a minimal install and see whether it proceeds.


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    It Look ike you ever Tried to Installed and it left few things there that you are not aware of.

    OK. In your hard drive, Check C:\Program Files There will be a Folder Oracle that contains Inventory, BIN, JRE etc, Just remove this Oracle Folder, Remove from registry Especially In Hkey_Local .. Software..Oracle
    Then in same, Check CurrentControlSet1,2 etc and remove Oracle entries Reboot and Now Install. I am opretty sure this time should be Fine.

    Hope this is gona solve this heck.


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    check and remove everything from previous installations as follows :

    * Clear Win2000 registry from Oracle entries from both software section and user section
    * Remove all environment variables + paths
    * Remove all directories ( physically ) including Oracle directory created inside Program files folder
    * Remove all Oracle services Created manually
    * Increase swap file size to be at least 500 M
    * RESTART MACHINE and try reinstall

    If still falling down , try installing from another CD or add more Ram.

    Adjust windows 2000 to optimize all backgroud services rather than applications
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    Red face

    Hi Mister,

    Have you resolve problem wit installation ? Looks like I am having exactly same trouble.

    thanks, Jan

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