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Thread: lost system datafile

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    Hi Folks,

    Now i am able to connect as internal. I added this username in ora_dba group and now it's allowing me to connect internal.

    I lost the G drive on this box.

    system datafile, control_1 file and archive_log_1 files is there in this drive.

    I have archive02 destination another drive(F). That's is fine.

    So i went into the backup and moved the system datafile into G drive. I edited the init.ora file and removed the control_1 line from the file.

    So now i need you people help. What i have to do? This is not the production database but i want to try to recover as much as i want. Even i am not sure which is the
    last backup(successed)? So i need some body who are familiar with WINDOWS 2000 and oracle 8.1.7. Please give me steps to recover from cold backup and recover steps from hot backup. Thanks.

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    Feb 2001

    Thanks to guys.

    Thanks to everybody. The real problem is

    I connected as a user, That user have the admin privs but he is not in the ora_dba group. That's the real problem. At last i added him in the ora_dba group and connected internal.

    I restored all the files from the hot backup and recovered the databases. Everything is fine. Thanks for your responce.


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