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    Timer in PL/SQL?

    How can we use Timers in PL/SQL?. Can we use?

    In Forms, we are using timer using Create_Timer command,
    When-Timer_Expired trigger will fire after whatever we have given time duration while creation of timer.

    Same process I want to do in PL/SQL. Is it possible in PL/SQL? and How?. Anybody help to give command in PL/SQL.


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    Do you have a specific task to achieve?

    We're using simple unix script that will sleep and wake up to check file status and decide what actions it needs to take (e.g. send out alert email).

    Alternatively, you could write a stored procedures and schedule to run them on regular time interval (good for short-running jobs only).

    Hope this helps.

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    Why donn u see at JOBS !! that should solve u r problem...checkout the docs on ORACLE JOBS..I.E. dbms_job


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    Vbaskar is absolutely right.
    Like in forms if you want any specific task
    to execute at a particular time and also wants
    to reapeat that task again and again can go for
    DBMS_JOB package, which will help you to submit
    Your job in the job queue and your job will run
    Automatically once it will satisfy when to run your task.

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