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    While performing an upgrade from 10.7 SC to 11i, the above error is observed while attempting to create the java system.
    Any ideas on resolving this issue will be immensely appreciated. Email me, please, at gerry_abreu@hotmail.com

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    Perhaps this is of use to you.

    From Metalink note 136942.1:
    Step 4 of the Database and System Administration Upgrade Steps (Category 3 - Performing the upgrade) tells you to run addb816.sql.
    When running the addb816.sql script you could encounter the following problem duing the 'create or replace java system;' statement:
    ORA-4030 out of process memory

    Current workaround for this problem is the following:

    Run the initrjvm.sql script to remove possible left-overs.
    Start up svrmgl and login as internal
    Run the statement: "create or replace java system;" (This should now succeed without errors.)
    Comment out the above create statement in the initjvm.sql script and
    Re-run the addb816.sql script.
    See also RDBMS bugs 1022696 and 1265625.
    If this still doens't work, try increasing the MAXDSIZE (Max data size) kernel parameter or a similar parameter for you platform.

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