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    When I Exported the data of a table with OEM's job manager, the following error info appeared. Any advice will be appreciated.

    The system cannot find the file specified.
    couldn't open "E:/ORACLE/ORADATA/ORCL/EXPORT.LOG": no such file or directory


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    Log = messages

    The log designation gives the results of the export. It is not the data. There should be an EXPDAT.dmp file that contains the actual data in binary format. What was the name you selected for the export file - did you use the default of EXPDAT.dmp? Are you trying to do an import of this data?

    Hope this helps.

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    Please post the complete process you followed before you got this error so that we can help you more.

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    Firstly, I installed the OEM2.2 and Repository on my local box(Oracle8.1.7PE/Win2k), Secondly in OEM I searched and found a remote Database(Orale8.1.6EE/Win2k), then, I found the table DEPT on navigator pane and right clicked it and selected the 'Data manager/Export' utility to export DEPT. Finaly, OEM created a job to execute it and the fail message was returned. BTW, I can export table on local DB properly using the above procedure.

    The path e:/../.. should be e:\..\.. on win2k, I think that the OEM didn't identified the remote DB located on win2k correctly.

    Is there any oracle patch to correct it?

    Thanks for all of your helps.

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    It might be the case that you would require an agent and datagatherer updated to 8.1.7. for the new OEM to function correctly.

    I heard that OEM 2.2 needs to pe patched if you want to du the rman backup and recovery.


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