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    san jose
    can somebody tell me how to do the following.

    let's say we have a user name test;
    under test,

    create table a( a int primary key);
    create table b( a int references a(a));

    then how can i get a ER diagram automatically for this scenario by using designer 6i?

    can you give me step by step example.

    somebody tell me using import, but i don't know how to
    do that exactly.

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    There're good explanation in designer help-> Design Capture.

    In summary,
    1) In Designer, create a new application
    2) Use Design Editor -> DBA admin, create the database, user information in designer repository.
    3) Use Design Editor -> Server Design Module, from the pull-down menu, choose Generate-> Capture Design -> Server Model
    4) Fill in the database connection information and select objects to reverse-engineer into the 'database' in designer
    5) Once you've successfully capture tables information from database, in ER Diagrammer pull-down menu, choose Utilities -> Table to Entity Retrofit and you will get the ER diagram.

    Hope this helps.

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