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    host and bind variables

    hello... what is the difference between host and bind variables . please give with example . How and where they are used?

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    Host variables

    Bind variables are host variables that is, they are defined in the tools environment (Forms, sqlplus or repports...) and used in SQL queries or PL/SQL codes.

    Note that an item in a form or a parameter in a repport is a host variable compare to a local variable in a PL/SQL block.

    Assume that an item in a block form i named LIBELLE
    In order to refere to the value of this host valriable in an assignment statement you will need to write it as
    :LIBELLE := "Text";

    You must however make the difference between a BIND variable and a LEXICAL variable.

    BIND referencing tend to work with the value of the variable, where as, LEXICAL referencing mines replacing the LEXICAL variable in the syntaxe by the value of it.

    LEXICAL variables are possible references when using Repport tool.



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