I am running in a DSS environment. I have resized my tablespace(datafile) to 500m from 1200 m because I over alloacted space. The objects in the data tablespace will not be seeing any more addition or subtraction of data..i.e it will be static.

The data tablespace in question has a corresponding tablespace that contain only indexes. The space in the index tablespace was also over allocated. 400m has been used so far out of the 700 allocated.

Even thought the data tablespace is not going to see any more inserts, updates or deletes, it's going to see a lot of queries to get information. I know that the indexes make those queries faster.

Since only 400m was used by the index tablespace, I want to resize the index tablespace to about 420m. My question is, can I resize it just like I did for the data tablespace knowing that there is going to be a lot of select queries and theses queries depend on the index for speed?