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    When I install Oracle on Windows, it should be able to automatically startup while Windows startup. But I installed Oracle 8.1.7 on Windows 2000, it doesn't startup the instance, only startup the service. I have to go to server manager to startup the instance. I don't know why.
    In addition, after I configured the OEM, the Management Server can not startup at all.
    Can anyone help with this?
    Queyon Zeng

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    Check your registry settings. You should have the following setting in the HOMEn of your instance: ORA_sid_AUTOSTART=TRUE, where "sid" is your instance identifier.
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    Go to your services and make sure that the start option for the oracle and other applications of oracle that you would like to be started automatically, have been set as automatic. That would fix the startup problem.

    Now coming to the OEM, did you create a OMS repository and start the management server before connecting to the OEM. If not do it.

    use emca to create an OMS repository. Then start the OMS using
    oemctrl start oms

    then try starting the OEM that should work. To discover the nodes you should have started the intelligent agent up.

    lsnrctl dbsnmp_start

    Good luck,

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    Oracle 8.1.7 does not autostart on WIndows 2000

    Hi There,

    Within the SQLNET.ORA file under network/admin directory on the server side, you must comment out the following parameter:


    This is currently a bug in Oracle 8.1.7 under Windows 2000.

    Good Luck...

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