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Thread: datafile resize

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    I allocated a lot of space(1200m) to a tablespace. Only 500m was used so I want to resize the datafile to 520m. When I checked the extents column from dba_segments I realized that the tablespace has 3 extents. I'm thinking of making it one extent before I resize the datafile.
    Is it a good idea to do that? Or I can resize it to 520m with no problem?

    NOTE: I'm in DSS environment and nothing more is going to be added to the segments in the tablespace. the tablespace and segments are static.

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    If you are sure that the table is not going to grow to another extent then no problem, shrink your datafile.

    If the table DOES need to extend, then the worst thing that will happen is that you will get an error mesage saying that there is no room for the next extent. Then you can just resize it again..


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    You should be able to resize it w/o any problems.

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