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    Apr 2001
    I am trying to use data blocks in form to base the table in the oracle8i edition. I must mention
    that forms and Reports6i was installed on another directory which apparently seem to be
    having its own HOME which is also reflected in the registry. But when i try to use Form builder
    to connect to the database which is in another HOME gives me the TNS:Could not resolve
    service name. I am new to this. Could anybody help me in resolving this problem.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Aug 2000
    this is due to the fact that you have a tnsnames.ora in your database ORACLE_HOME\network\admin directory that is used by all tools located in your DB home, and a tnsnames.ora file located in your DEVELOPER ORACLE_HOME\net80\admin directory which is used for forms to connect.

    Open the tnsnames.ora file in your database home, and locate the connection description for your database. Copy that entry into your developer tnsnames.ora and save that file. Let me know how it works.

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