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    for the query
    select user_id, password
    from subscribers
    the password column is coded - something like in the unix passwd file. I think that java application did that.
    - How can I see the origin of the column
    - When I want to update this table, with a sql or pl/sql, how to do so


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    No one can see the unencrypted value for a password, not even the DBA. It's been that way since at least 7.3.2, so I don't think the implementation is Java related.

    Anyone with the appropriate privilege may assign a new password to a user by:

    alter user bob identified by 'new_password';

    If you want, you can have the OS (Unix or NT) authenticate the user by:

    alter user bob identified externally;

    This prevents the user from having to maintain multiple passwords.



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    10x Tim
    but this is the table from schema that application (subscriber management) using it -users data.
    and the data type of the password column is varchar2.

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