HI all,

Well I have a strange kind of problem wiht me! Please help me to sort this thing.
On Forms 6, oracle forms! I have a Master form with 2 details of it and the relation between is given on a field int_no in the master forms and details as well.
1) I am able to insert data in all of the table but when i query it again i just see the data inserted in the master table!!! After searching alot i found out the int_no in the details table is not getting updated from the master forms int_no!
2)The property of the int_no in details forms are set to COPY VALUE FROM :MAIN.INT_NO
3) When ever i query DBA_SEQUENCES after passing the transaction i dont see the next val of the sequence changes!!!
4) There is a trigger on the save button which is selecting the next val from of the sequence in the :MAIN.INT_NO!!
5)The :MAIN.INT_NO get the next val from the sequence!!!

-I have dropped and re-created the sequnce and check every possiable way to solve this problem but no results still the same thing~~
-I have given the join on DB level, after that i get an error of UNABLE TO INSERT DATA but the is getting in inserted in all of the table and even i am able to query it!!!!!none of the inserted values are missing!!!!