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    On wich way I can pass name of schema to SQL scripts.
    For example in script I have
    SELECT * from 'NAME_OF_SCHEMA'.name_of_table;

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    Im sorry, I don't fully understand your question.
    Can you clarify?

    Are you trying to find out how to use dynamic sql?

    If you are not looking to use dynamic sql, you are correct-- you probably know you don't need the quotes around the schema name.

    Let me know your question was looking for how to use dynamic sql, and then I will answer that. (Just dont want to do all that typing if that's not what you want) If you want dynamic sql--- do you have 8i? If not, you will need to use the DBMS_SQL package. It's pretty straightforward, and so I think the documentation would contain everything you need , such as what procedures for what type of statement.


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    OK, It seems that I was not clear enough.
    My problem is next.
    I need to write PL/SQL scripts that will be called from .bat file and I need to pass name of user(schema) to script.
    For example:
    This will be in test.bat file:
    sqlplus scott/tiger @test.sql username_1
    and now in test.sql I need to create variable that will take value username_1,
    I tought I need to write somethink like this in test.sql:

    CCLINT CONSTANT and here type of variable :='&1';
    I have tried with VARCHAR2 but it didn't work,
    Any idea how to solve this problem?


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