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    any one please help
    Some rollback Segments status are OFFLINE when shutdown and restart the database.
    thanks in advance

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    Add an entry (or modify the existing one) in the init_SID.ora file in the following format

    rollback_segments = (r01, r02, r03, r04, r05, r06, r07,r08,r09,r10)

    (Where r01, r02 etc. are the names of your rollback segments)



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    Which version? 8.1.7 automatically brings public rollback segments online. You have to specify the private RBS in your init.ora.
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    Thanks for your reply,
    I do not want to make them Private Rollback Segments as put them in the initSID.ora. Moreover that i want know what is the real problem in this case.

    The Config is as follows
    Hardware - Compaq prolaint 400 P-III.
    RAM - 256 MB
    HDD - 12 GB (3x4GB RAID)
    SWAP - 800 MB
    OS - SCO UnixWare 7 release 7.1.1 - 50 user
    RDBMS - Oracle 8i release 8.1.5.
    Config. - Multi Master Replication - Master Definition Site Server
    Database Size - around 2.5 GB
    Rollback Segments - Ext=2MB, Min=2, Max=Unlimited
    Could you please help.
    Thanking you

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    If you don't have parallel server configuration (obviously you don't) then there is no difference between public and private rollback segments.

    When your instance starts it checks if you have ROLLBACK_SEGMENTS parameter set. If you have it, it will open all the specified RB segments. But if you don't have this parameter set, then the instance will calculate the number of RB segments it needs to put online based on two other init parameters, based on the following formula:


    So for example if this formula results in number 5, but you have 10 rollback segments in the database, it will put only 5 segments online (plus the system RB), while other 5 will remain offline. If you want the instance to put all your RB segments online at startup, you either have to specify them in your ROLLBACK_SEGMENTS parameter (this has nothing to do with privite/public RB definition) or to modify your TRANSACTIONS and/or TRANSACTIONS_PER_ROLLBACK_SEGMENT parameters.
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