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Thread: hot bckup

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    I'm new to online bckup.

    I have learned from manuals and know how to take hot bckup . And can any one tell how to restore the hot backup in case of any crash. A procedural way I'm expecting and checklist for hot backup. Is there any pitfall do you encounter in this hot bckup?


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    This is an extremely broad question- first you can read the Oracle recovery guide which is mirrored in lots of places on the net.

    I took several days and just played games on a test DB and tryed elliminating different files -- then recovering. If things didn't work I re-imported the test DB or re-created the DB.

    Its a very different problem to recover a DBF file versus a CONTROL versus a ROLLBACK.

    DON'T WAIT UNTILL DISASTER TO LEARN- Oracle is a bit wierd for recovery and it can't be explained in a nutshell. For instance, do you save your control file to trace ? That could make a big impact on the recovery of the control- but doesn't mean a thing if your bring back a tablespace. So how can someone tell you in a short little mail how to fix a complex DB when the variables are very wide.

    My final conclusion was that if the DB wasn't too big that import/export was the best way to deal with "user" dataloss and errors.


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    Do you know the reason why there are so many BACKUP & RECOVERY book, forum, discussion.., Oracle want make sure DBA job never can be replaced. so enjoy it.

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