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Thread: creating users through server

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    Hi everybody,

    Need an expert guidance regarding dba role.
    I have installed oracel server on NTserver and clients on others.
    Now i want to create user schemas to use oracle through server.User should not be able to connect to oracle until oracle service is started from server by dba.
    what i need is how to create users from server fro clients and how to start oracel service from server which will be available to all users.
    Thanks in advance.Suggestions and knowledge reagrding this is highly appreciated.

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    See in Windows NT till u dont start Oracle Service no users will be able to connect to Oracle .In order to start oracle service in NT server go to Controlpanel and select services.In that there will be a service for your Oracle database.Just make it automatic/manual as per ur like.When u make it automatic ,Oracle service will start as soon as ur Nt server is up.In case of manual u have to start the Oracle Service manually.
    In order to create users login as sys and create the users with the following command:-

    create user abc identifid by abc
    default tablespace USERS
    temporary tablespace TEMP
    profile DEFAULT;

    After the user is created grant the user CONNECT and RESOURCE role through the following command ,so that the user can connect to the Oracle database

    grant resource,connect to abc;

    In case of any help please be free to write to me at

    Rohit Nirkhe,Oracle DBA,OCP

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    Question Re: Creating users through server

    Well i am able to create users from server, but whenever client wants to connect to oracle he has to specify some oracle database name which resides on server to which he wants to connect like username/password@database_name. I want that each user should also have thier personal schemas to which they can connect just specifying username/password. Is there any way by which a client can connect to server without specifying host string(which is @dbname) so that it should be automatically connected to that database associated with that user. Also on server we don't have to specify databasename to connect to oracle,does that mean that when u install only client part it has no defalut user(scott/tiger) and database ,only it can connect to server database by specifying the databse name residing on server.If this is true then can i create a database from server and then transfer it to client machine so that by defalut it should be connected to that databse when he logs in his schema without specifying the hoststring.
    Thanks in advance.

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