Can any one please help me in building a Procedure to take an Array/Type or PL/SQL table as Input parameter and also return the Result set in Aray/Type or PL/SQL table as Out Parameter.

Actually It's nature is Like some of the parameters would be single values and some of them in Array... Suppose a Procedure Pro_EmpInfo takes Parameters as Deptno, Ename, Job and should return every Thing from emp table into an Array/Type or Pl/SQL table as in Out parameter.

Deptno is single value but the Ename, Job would be in Array/PL/SQL table becuase these value will be passed by the Java ... These value wil be passed like 100 enames, 10 Jobs but deptno=10

Can any one please hep me out in this.. and also need to Know how will we execute that in SQL Plus ...

I'll be very Thanks ful...
Well Appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.