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Thread: bind variables

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    To avoid parsing of sql statements it is recommended to use bind variables . HOw to use bind variables in to avoid parsing ? any advice please ..

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    The point is that if you submit the EXACT same SQL statement to the Oracle server, the statement will be parsed the first time, and the parsed version of the statement will hopefully still be in memory when you repeat that statement. Imagine you want to find two people in a table, using two successive SQL statements. You could issue these two statements:

    select * from people_table where ssn=123456789;
    select * from people_table where ssn=234567890;

    In that preceeding case, both SQL statements would be parsed, costing you performance.

    Instead, consider this (functional, not executable) example:

    v_ssn := 123456789;
    select * from people_table where ssn = :v_ssn;
    v_ssn := 234567890;
    select * from people_table where ssn = :v_ssn;

    The SQL statement is EXACTLY the same, thus the parsing will not take place for the second execution. This will improve performance.

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    it depends what tool you use to submit sql to server: C, forms, java, VB, delphi?

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