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Thread: max file size on sun solaris

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    what is the max file (datafile) size supported in sun solaris 2.x. I heard that 2GB is the max limit. can any body advice..thanks

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    Solaris File sizes


    According to Note 62409.1on Metalink:
    'There is a generic limit on the maximum Oracle datafile size of 4million Oracle data blocks. The exact limit is 4194303 * DB_BLOCK_SIZE.....'

    Solaris size limits are:
    Release Max file-system size Max OS File size
    < Solaris 2.6 1Tb (UFS) 2Gb
    >= Solaris 2.6 1Tb (40 bits) 1Tb

    Hope this helps


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    However, even with Solaris 2.6, you must enable LARGEFILES support when you create your filesystem or you will be stuck with 2G with a UFS file system. You will be stuck with a 2G-2K file size if you are using Veritas Filesystem without their LARGEFILES option.

    I personally don't like to create datafiles > 2G anyway. You get into situations where your data is more difficult to distribute. Of course, your mileage may vary....
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