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Thread: rman nocatalog

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    Hi, guys,

    I just learn that start oracle8 control file has "new" feature it cause the size of control file growing, growing...
    I am use rman nocatalog (use control file to tracking backup).
    what is the relation between rman history in control file and control_file_record_keep_time.

    I understand this is a big topic so please let me know how I start the research.

    thanks in advance.

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    When u use Rman nocatalog Controlfile stores information about ur backups through Rman. This information regarding
    ur bakup sets,back copy etc will increase as u take bake up day by day.This information is stored in reusale section of
    ur control file.

    Now Control_file_record_keep_time Parameter applies to reusale section.

    It specifies minimum age in days that a records must have before it can be reused.

    Ex. Control_file_record_keep_time=3
    Then records in reusale section is not used for 3 days.
    Any new records for 3 days will be appended in reusable section of control file, but after 3 days these record will be reused if necessary.

    And u have to take bakup of ur control file atleaset every 3 days.


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