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Thread: Can you turn off Oracle's Case Sensitivity?

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    I am hitting an Oracle back-end from a rather involved Microsoft Access Front end application. All the Access code, forms, reports, queries etc were developed using access's default of Case insensitivity (originally both front and back-end were Access). Naturally, when we moved the back-end to Oracle, case sensitivity is killing us. Can we have Oracle run in a case insensitive mode?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I almost kill myself when I use Acess to do
    select id, name from emp where name='John';
    1 John
    2 john
    3 JOHN

    case insensitive is the PC feature, to logically turn it off in no-PC envornent, all you need is store same case in database
    (e.g. all upper case, or all lower case) then all DB interface
    processes use the pre-determined case. it will work perfectly.

    use above example,
    you will get
    1 JOHN
    2 JOHN
    3 JOHN

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    If you are unwilling to change the table data as suggested above, you could create a view with the data changed to all one case . . .

    create or replace view myview as
    select upper(name) name from mytable;

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    Simliar thread I just replied to...

    - Chris

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