Hi, I have recently installed Oracle 9i Application Server onto a server running Redhat 6.2 and Oracle 8.1.6. The system crashed at the end of the Application Server install, but it looked as though everything was there. However there are no control files for 9i Application Server. Because the install crashed at the end, I think it had not quite finished properly.
I decided to use the de-install on the Oracle Universal Installer to uninstall ias and start again.
I am uninstalling the portal schema and am stuck at the following screen:

Enter the Oracle Portal Schema name to drop. Make sure that the schema name is correct. Pressing Next will start the deinstall for that schema. The entire schema, including all the objects it owns will be removed.

The default value on screen was:
Oracle Portal Schema: portal30
this is what I accepted on install.
I get the following error:
The username entered does not exist in the database. Please give a valid Oracle Portal username.
The user name I chose on install was portal_user
this is not accepted either.
How do I find out the schema name?
Someone help me with this mess, my boss is breathing down my neck!