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    I have next problem.
    I have table EMP with columns
    deptno number(3)
    empno number(3)
    dhire date
    In this table I have for example 1000 rows.
    I need to write cursor which will retrieve one row per deptno, if I have many rows with the same deptno than I need the latest one (max(dhire)).

    For example if I have

    deptno empno dhire
    1 11 1.1.2000
    1 12 1.2.2000
    2 21 2.1.2000
    3 31 3.1.2000
    3 32 2.1.2000

    then I need next rows:

    deptno empno dhire
    1 12 1.2.2000
    2 21 2.1.2000
    3 31 3.1.2000

    If anyone has idea...

    Help in advance

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    try this

    select deptno, empno, hiredate from emp
    where (deptno,hiredate) in (select deptno,max(hiredate)
    from emp group by deptno)
    order by deptno
    Hope this is ok.

    P. Soni

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    Maybe this one...

    SELECT e.deptno, MAX(e.empno) empno, e.dhire
    FROM emp e,
    (SELECT deptno, MAX(dhire) dhire FROM emp GROUP BY deptno) e1
    WHERE e.deptno = e1.deptno
    AND e.dhire = e1.dhire
    GROUP BY e.deptno, e.dhire;

    MAX(e.empno) in the main select is used in case you have more employees hired at the same date, so that the query returns only one of them.

    Jurij Modic
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    It works

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    Would your query consistently return the same employee if there are multiple employees hired on the same date in the same department? What if the table is reorganized or in some way altered in sequence (CTAS? Export/Import?)? Clearly you will get AN employee from the set defined by OCPDBA2001. I would just like to more completely understand the result of this query. Thanks?

    OCP - is that a problem if true?

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