What is Transaction Count and How to calculate it
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Thread: What is Transaction Count and How to calculate it

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    Transaction Count represents the total number of commits
    and rollbacks performed during a sample period. This statistic is an indication of how much work is being accomplished within the database. A spike in the transaction rate may not necessarily be bad. If response times stay close to normal, it means your system can handle the added load. Actually, a drop in transaction rates and an increase in response time
    may be indicators of problems. Depending upon the
    application, transaction loads may vary widely across
    different times of the day.

    TCount = deltaCommits + deltaRollbacks

    deltaCommits: difference of \'select value from v$sysstat where name=\'user commits\'\' between sample end and start

    DeltaRollbacks: difference of \'select value from v$sysstat where name=\'user rollbacks\'\' between sample end and start

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    Question Transaction count

    If we just count Transaction rate by commits and rollbacks , what ever happens to all the read transactions ???
    what about the impact these will have on response time etc..???

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    Talking can you exp.

    Can you explain what do you mean "between sample end and start"? Do you mean just pick an arbitrary time to start the query and end the query?


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    Wink Transaction counts

    Actually, the end and start time is not actually arbitrary.
    This is a part of tuning lesson and usually measured using the utlbstat and utlestat.sql.


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    I have tried the following query , It is giving the count of the cmmitted or rollback command.

    Please confirm, whether output of the query of the committed or rollback transaction or no of times we have run the commit or rollback command.



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    Don't see the query you mentioned in your msg

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