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    Is composite reference key possible. If yes then
    Can anybody provide me with composite reference key example.
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    yeah its possible to have composite foreign keys have a look at the code below.

    parent table
    CREATE TABLE classes (
    department CHAR(3),
    course NUMBER(3),
    CONSTRAINT classes_department_course
    PRIMARY KEY (department, course),
    child table
    CREATE TABLE registered_students (
    student_id NUMBER(5) NOT NULL,
    department CHAR(3) NOT NULL,
    course NUMBER(3) NOT NULL,
    grade CHAR(1),
    CONSTRAINT rs_student_id
    FOREIGN KEY (student_id) REFERENCES students (id),
    CONSTRAINT rs_department_course
    FOREIGN KEY (department, course)
    REFERENCES classes (department, course)

    only thing si number and datatype of columns should and must match

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