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Thread: could someone explain this for me please..

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    I have a tablespace called (Users) and the datafile that is associated to it is /users01.dbf.

    when I created this tablespace, I had orignally assigned a disk space of 200m with next exent of 1mb and max of 121, I think.

    Here's the thing, on monday I will need to load a 2gig data into my box for a user, who's default tablespace is (Users)

    Will I be running into any problem?

    should I have auto extents turn on and set growth rate to unlimited?

    I'm totally lost on how this stuff works.

    thanks in advanced.

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    If you have enough space on the file system and your OS supports more than 2GB datafiles, you can set AUTOEXTEND option. Otherwise set your tablespace big enough to hold the data you are loading.

    What makes you think 200 MB space you created will be sufficeint foe @GB data you are loading which is 10 times less than what you are trying to load...

    Am I missing anything here ???

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