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    Change the 1st parameter as database Instance name.

    That's true. The orakill does not works and it shows the error like "could not attach ......"

    The command should be
    orakill ;
    i.e., if sidname (name of the database(instance name)) is INS and spid is 2576 then the command should be,

    orakill INS 2576

    I have tested it on Oracle 8.1.5 and that works.

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    Building the ORAKILL from SQL Plus

    Give this a try:

    SET BUFFER 300
    SET linesize 300

    column sid format 999
    column serial# format 9999999
    column username format A20
    column user# format 99999
    column osuser format A15
    column ORAKILL_DBSID_THREAD format A25
    column MACHINE format a25

    Prompt ****** c:\oracle9i\bin\ORAKILL ORACLE_DATABASE_SID THREAD_NUMBER
    SELECT 'ORAKILL '||(SELECT instance_name FROM v$instance)||' '||SPID||'' "ORAKILL_DBSID_THREAD",
    s.sid, s.serial#, STATUS, s.username, OSUSER, MACHINE, s.TERMINAL
    FROM v$session s, v$session_wait w, V$PROCESS p
    WHERE s.SERIAL# <> 1
    AND s.sid = w.sid
    AND s.paddr = p.addr;

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    Ora Kill


    You need to mention the Oracle SID after orakill syntax.


    C:\orakill spid;

    Best Regards
    Lakshmi Narayana

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