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Thread: Export problem.

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    I'm tried to impot one file. This file contains the data of thirty tables and some these tables has huge data. But after importing three tables it is not doing anything just hanging for a long time. showing this message "importing table ". The size of the export file is 1.8 gb. Prevoiuslu i have imported those tables in another database and there it was successful. Can you clarify why it is not doing anything ?

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    have u checked that if the maxextents condtion has been reached while importing
    Do u have sufficent space in the tablespace to import all the data add more space to the datafiles and do it again.

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    Hi there,

    After the tables has imported it then imports/creates and indexes associated with that table.

    If the table is huge as you say this could take some time.

    For example I imported a table with 5 million rows, the associated index took well over an hour to create, this shows in the log as

    . . importing table "EV_CLOSING" 5661514 rows imported

    It moves onto the next table once the index has finished.

    Hope this helps


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