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    In WinNT 4.0 Server ---> Services ---> I am unable to see the OracleStartORCL service. Because of this i am unable to make the database to start automatically when the service starts. I mean i dont want to start manually each time when the server starts. Please suggest me how do i make oracle database to start automatically.

    Thanks in advance,
    Manjunatha S Yajman

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    what version of Oracle are you using ?
    From Oracle8i onwards there is no OracleStartSID service; Only OracleServiceSID will be there.

    When you create the database using the database configuration wizard the service is created for you otherwise you can manually create it by using ORADIM utility.

    - Rajeev

    Rajeev Suri

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    It is Oracle 8.0.5

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    Check the oradim.log file.
    It may indicate a problem with the password file, which is usually the problem I've run into several times.
    Try the following:
    Stop the database.
    del pwd .ora file. recreate the pwd file using orapwd depending on Oracle version.
    Start the oraclestartservice...

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