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    is create session and connect the same thing?


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    No, they are not. CONNECT is a role, it includes CREATE SESSION and also other system privileges, like CREATE TABLE etc...

    If user hav only the CREATE SESSION privilege and no roles, all he can do is to connect the database and perform queries on objects that have been granted to PUBLIC (like DUAL and USER_*). But if he has CONNECT role granted, he can also create some types of objects, like tables, indexes etc...

    The naming of the roles CONNECT and RESOURCE is very misleading. The confussion comes from the times when Oracle7 was introduced. In Oracle6, there were no roles, there were only three types of system privileges: CONNECT, which really allowed only to connect to database and to performs queries or DML's on granted objects; RESOURCE, which allowed user to create all kinds of objects in his own schema, and DBA, which had the same functionality as today DBA role has. For backward compatibility, Oracle7 introduced three roles (DBA, CONNECT, RESOURCE) with the same name as Oracle6's system privileges, but with rather different functionality.
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    create session

    you are right.
    With create session alone the user cannot create any objects......
    But he can only login ...It needs role privs to do....like connect...etc.,
    note:I have created www_user and granted create session,alter session and create public synonym.
    But when I queried dba_sys_privs I found 3 more privs (default) granted which I did not want to.
    they are 1.connect 2.ows_standard_role2.resources. Any idea how come?.I did revoke manually from that user...

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