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    This is probably a very easy question for most of you but if you could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

    I have a demo database that I would like to perserve and be able to easily restore back to the original after each presentation. I have been dropping the tablespace and reinserting from my dump. This has been good so far but now I need to be able to let my Sales team perform a function on their laptops installed with the Database after they do a presentation. What would be the best option for this? Would setting up a script to restore the database be the thing to do or is there someone better that? Any feed back is appreciated.

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    Why not just take a full cold backup of all the database files (control, datafiles and redo logs) in its restored state. Do your presentation and when your done shutdown the database, delete all the current database files and restore your backup files to there rightful places. Then startup your database and presto you have a fully restored database.

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    That is pretty much what I have been doing but now I must allow the Sales team to run a script or something in order to restore the database. These are all on laptops and I will not be around for them to restore it for them and they will not be able to themselves. I will need to be abel to write some type of script or program for them to tigger it and restore the database.

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