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Thread: unable to extend

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    Hi friends,
    one of my database tables is partitioned into two partitions with the storage parameters initial 256k next 256k minextents 1 maxextents 505. The table partition(#2) is now full(I checked up with number of records and the records length). How to increase the storage without shutting down the database?

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    That table partition is on some datafile belonging to some tablespace right,

    Resize the datafile , increasing it.
    Also if the number of extents has also reached 505 , modify it to have unlimited as for now, but i would suggest to reorganize it, either using alter partition.. . move or alter table ...move, for which you will have to have some period of no access (only in 8.1.6 and above other wise no access for whole process at all) during the start and end of the process.

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    thanks a lot gpsingh.
    So if I execute,

    alter table table_name modify
    storage(maxextents unlimited);

    Will the above be sufficient for the present? Also, the above will make both the partitions' storage parameters as unlimited, right?

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