I am testing out database recovery by exporting a full dump file of the database while the database is still open (hot backup) and using the dump file to copy into another machine to make sure that all the files are available and the database is working fine.

When I tried to startup the database, I got the following errors:

ora-01122: database file 17 failed verification check
ora-01110: database file 17 '/app/oracle......./archive.dbf'
ora-01207:file is more recent than controlfile - old controlfile

Question1: Is it because i did a hot backup and whenever there is a write, the controlfile sequence will change, which is why the file is more recent than controlfile?

Question 2: How do i solve this error? What could be the cause of them?

Later, I did a 'recover database using controlfile until cancel' and I did an 'alter database open resetlogs', then I have encountered another set of errors:

ora-01194: file 1 needs more recovery to be consistent
ora-01110: '/app/oracle...../system01.dbf'

Question 3: How do i overcome this set of errors?

Question 4: Is there any proper ways of recovering from hot backup?

Thank you so much for sharing Pls help!