I need one help very urgently.

The current system in Medical trust Hospital has a lot
of pro*c programs. These programs are compiled and
made into individual executables and called from the
Forms 3.0.

I have to use them in solaris along with Forms6i.
Since I don't have pro*C compiler (proc), I'm only
transfering the .c programs already created in the
existing system using proc.

I compile and link the .c programs in the Solaris
system using the following command.
( eg CSC010.pc --> CSC010.c )

$cc -c -I. -O CSC010.c
$cc -o CSC010 CSC010.o -L$LIB_HOME -lclntsh

where LIB_HOME is $ORACLE_HOME/lib

When I run the executable CSC010, I get
segmentation fault -core dumped.

what the problem is and how I should tackle it.

Is there any other file I should link.

Very Very urgent.