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Thread: query time out

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    We had a dead lock every night 9:00pm. I found out Server/Current Activity --Object Locks
    When checking error logs, seeing:

    The error log showing error 17824, severity:10, state 0 DNCC TRACEON 208, SPID 28 DBCCTRACEOFF 208, SPID 28 In current activity --object locks and reapetedly showing "tempdb.dbo.sysobjects/sysindexes/syscolumns" 28:sa.master.dbo /INSERT /SQL_servername (MS SQLEW)

    This all cause our front end"query has timed out"? Anyone know this and can help?



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    My expiriences with MS SQLServer are next to nothing, but reading your message I have a feeling your error is occuring on MS SQL, not on Oracle database. Or is my conclusion wrong?

    If I'm right, I don't think "Oracle Database Administration" forum is the right place to seek help for your problem...
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