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Thread: SQL-Navigator

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    I'm testing SQL Navigator in Windows98, but the program does not start. An error due to OCI.DLL is shown (not found), but that file exists in client's Oracle directory.

    Quest's site says to include the path of the desired DLL in the shortcut command line, but instead of pointing OCI.DLL, it talks about other DLL's, like ORA804.DLL etc. (there is not any of them in my client). I had tried pointing OCI.DLL too, but an internal error message appeared.

    The same problem happened with Toad and EzSQL, both trials. Can anyone give me a hint? Client side runs Windows 98 and server is an Oracle 8.1.6 Standard running on Linux.

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    Call Quest Tech Support. Their products require modification(s) to the Registry Editor in order for them to function.

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    These products all look for the highest version of the client software that is installed on your pc. sometimes when you install the client and then remove it and install something else, Oracle leaves traces behind that throw EZSQL and Quest's products off.

    You are on the right path with the OCI.dll. Look in your Oracle_home\bin directory. For win98 this is something like c:\orawin\bin. In this directory you should have oci.dll (if it is an 8i client). If your client is an older version, just search for *ora*.dll. So with EZSQL, make the "Target" line on your
    shortcut look like this :

    C:\EZSQL\Ezsql.exe ocidll=c:\orawin\bin\oci.dll
    (obviously, your paths may differ)

    I'm not sure exacly how to do it with the Quest products but it is similar.


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