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    Our developers are getting ORA-08177: Can't serialize access for this transaction. We get this error when we query the Weblogic Schema in an Oracle DB using JDBC-1.0-Client.

    Any ideas or thoughts of how to overcome this?

    The DB is running uder DEFAULT mode (READ Consistent and NOT Serialize mode).

    I have no in Bea/WebLogic and also JDBC. Would appreciate your help.

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    I don't know whether this thread would help you, but would suggest that you go through and make a decision.



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    What are the consequences of increasing INITTRANS on a table?

    In my particular case (using JDBC), I do not want to increase
    the INITRANS value since I am NOT doing any DML activity.
    I am doing ONLY a SELECT. Hence, I do not want to increase INITTRANS instead (atleast for me, it doesn't make sense to increase this). I want to change the connection mode that JDBC is doing now (from SERIALIZABLE, READ CONSISTENT).

    Any suggestions???

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    I am sure what is the cause of this problem as I faced the same situation couple of months ago.
    1) Are you using EJB, IN the bean properties you have to see that transaction is not set to serializable.
    2)INcreasing the INitrans is an option but may not help you all the time
    3) Add statement in the Java Code to set transaction read commited explicitly. This will give sure results. Refer the Oracle Documentation for syntax


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    Knarayan, thanks for your response.

    We are using EJBs as well. I would very much appreciate if you would send me the sample code for item 1 and 3 you have mentioned. I will discuss this option with the Bea Developers over here.

    I wouldn't mind increasing the INITTRANS value if we were
    doing DML acitivity in these transactions. We are just doing SELECT statements. I hope I am in the right direction???
    Please correct me if I am wrong.


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