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    In my Company , The DB performance is calculated by the w command on unix and then the load is seen . Please let me know is this a reliable method and if not , what other form of meausrement can I use to show the Management that the DB server is doing fine .

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    wouldn't that tell you if the database is performing badly if the load is high? The best is to use the utilbstat and estat and import the info into a spreadheet and analyze the data. it is the proc's that are creating the load. In Oracle Apps it is usually concurrent proc's that are pushing the load on cpu's there you may have mis guided sql running reports and you will have to shoot the developers. OEM provides basic tools, top sessions etc to provide you with sql that is hitting the cpu's. If you utilize the utlb/e stat aim for mid week end of month and run the commands for unix and oracle and provide them with load info. and performance suggestions.

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    If one could run a command and decide the performance, I don't think this site would exists and we visit this often...
    somany factors to consider ... Performance tuning is like swimming in Pacific or Atlantic not in swimming pool :)

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